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Most frequently asked questions regarding Guideline search:

Q: Does the Guideline search cover Media Libraries?

A: No, it does not

Q: Is the content on the Cover Page covered in the search?

A: No, it’s not covered

Q: How does the search for translated pages happen?

A: The search only finds results in the current language that the user has selected to view their guidelines in.

Q: Does the search also search through the content of images/documents included in the Guidelines?

A: No, only text content added to the Guidelines is searched

Q: Can I impact the search results order?

A: We use OpenSearch (a branch of Elasticsearch) to power our guidelines search.
We use industry best practices to sort search results by relevance. Titles and descriptions are generally given higher relevance than other content. Consequently, one way to make content easily findable is to place the most important keywords your users search for into the title.

Other parts of the Guidelines are weighted equally. Exact matches are prioritized over partial matches as well. The best way to impact search order is to ensure the expected keywords are more present and prevalent.

Q: Can we do exact match searches?

A: This is partially possible. By wrapping the search term in quotation marks, it searches for an exact match of that term. E.g. ordinary would return matches for extraordinary, but "ordinary" wouldn't.

Q: If I have multiple guidelines, will the search from one guideline also go through the other guidelines in my portal?

A: By default, the search is only for the specific Guideline.

Q: Are search operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc) supported in guideline search?

A: No, these are only supported in library searches.

Q: Is the content on pages that are in draft mode also searched?

A: When editors perform a search, that content will also be searched. When viewers perform a search, this content will not be searched, as they don’t have permission to see it.

Q: Is targeted content also searched?

A: Targets will be taken into consideration when searching, and only content that the specific user who is performing the search is allowed to see will show up.

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