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Analytics Dashboard – Search Insights
Analytics Dashboard – Search Insights

Analyze and understand the search behavior of users to improve the discoverability of brand content in Guidelines & Libraries

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Search Insights is embedded into our Analytics Dashboard and available for Owners and Admins only. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for further information.

Table of Contents

1 – Why use 'Search Insights.'

Analyzing search terms users utilize to find the right content is a crucial activity for Brand Leaders and Platform owners. By understanding search terms, you can improve content, metadata, tags, and more available in Asset Libraries and Guidelines.

Here are a few exemplary Use Cases

  • Understand search engagement to identify the best and least performing Guidelines & Libraries (overall all)

  • Understand searches to identify well-performing brand content or gaps in the brand offering

  • Improve brand discoverability through optimizing tags & metadata of brand assets based on search term analysis

  • Optimize access points such as filters and facets for a seamless brand platform search experience

To make this a seamless experience, we provide multiple options that allow you to analyze Multibrand environments.

2 – How to Access 'Search Insights.'

Reaching the 'Search Insights' data is simple:

Step 1: Go to User Menu > Analytics
> See tabs for 'Library Searches' & 'Guideline Searches'

Step 2: Once there, specify the range of your analysis to get the right scope

- Select your Brand

- Select specific Guidelines or Libraries (or search across all of them)

- Pick your time frame

3 – Included Metrics and Data-Driven Insights

We provide multiple metrics for account owners that are helpful to understanding your brand platform's performance. That data will help anticipate risks and opportunities in your Libraries (all types of assets) and Guidelines.

3.1 – Libraries

3.1.1 Metrics

You can find the first data stream showing the total searches & total unsuccessful searches.

3.1.2 Chart - Library searches over time

In this chart, you can find the total searches and total unsuccessful searchers over time across all libraries.

3.1.3 Chart - Search comparison by Library

Get an overview of all library searches (with or without results), including best/ least performing search terms and filters.

3.1.4 Table - Library searches by keyword and filter

Get insight from the available data table or access to the full search data analytics by exporting a CSV file for further analysis.

3.2 – Guidelines

The Guidelines section offers similar dashboards to the Library one, adding the click-through rate (CTR) at the metrics level.

3.2.1 Metrics

In the Guidelines' metric, you can find the total searches, the total searches with no results, and the CTR - the percentage of tracked searches that generated at least one click on a result.

3.2.2 Chart - Guideline searches over time

This chart will show global search trends in the Guideline part of your Frontify platform, focusing on total searches and searches with no results.

3.2.3 Chart - Search comparison by Guideline

The search by comparison chart will give you an overview of the search volume for each of your Guidelines, divided by search with and search with no results.

3.2.4 Table - Guideline searches by keyword and filter

The table at the bottom of the page offers you a complete overview of the main search query and results throughout your Frontify platform. You can also download the .csv file for further analysis.

4 – Getting Started - It's everything ready

There is no action needed from your end. Head to your Analytics Dashboard (for Owners and Admins only!) and learn more about what your users are looking for.

In case you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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