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Learn how to share your Brand Portal with stakeholders.

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Obviously, your work within Frontify isn’t done once you’ve set up your brand hub. You’ll experience the real value of Frontify once you share your documentations with all relevant brand stakeholders. One way to do so is by sharing a public link.

You’ll find the public sharing link by clicking the share icon in the power bar to your left and then switching to the ‘Public Link’ tab.

There, you have different options at your disposal to set limitations to the public link. First, you can decide on whether or not people without a Frontify account can use the public link. Second, you can define terms & conditions, which have to be agreed on before viewing your Brand Portal content. Third, you can further granulate public access, by defining the target groups which should be able to view your Brand Portal. Through a public link, user authentication does not occur. If a target is not restricted through the public link anyone who accesses the guideline will see all of that targets content.

  1. “Restrict access using Targets” off: All content will be shown to everybody on the public guideline.

  2. “Restrict access using Targets” on, and no targets selected: Only content set to "All Viewers" will be shown on public guideline.

  3. “Restrict access using Targets” on, and one or more targets selected: Content set to "All viewers" and content that is available to any of the selected Targets will be shown for everybody to see. Content that is only available to Targets that were not selected, will not be shown on the public guideline.

It's important to note that if you are logged into Frontify and attempt to access the public link, you won't be presented with the true public-facing guideline due to authentication via the token in your browser. To see the content as external visitors would, you should either log out of Frontify or use an incognito window. This step ensures you can accurately review what public users will see when they access your Brand Portal through the public link.

Once done, simply click on the ‘Copy’ button next to the public link and share it with your people.

Note: Only Owners can turn on public links. Once the public link has been activated, Editors are able to copy and share the link. Editors, however, can not turn on/off public sharing.

Are Public Links Searchable on Search Engines?

By default, public links will not be indexed by search engines because that is disabled for everything in Frontify with a robots.txt. However, Frontify links are still crawled by search engines.

This means that your Guidelines on Frontify may result in search engines. Because the links are not indexed, the result will not show any descriptive information. It will look like this:

Search result with missing snippet: No information is available for this page

And that’s already it. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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