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Analytics Dashboard - Storage tab

Learn more about the storage of your Frontify platform.

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In the storage tab, you will find simplified platform metrics about storage used and limits.

Storage used

The Storage used chart helps you find out how’s your Frontify storage by Libraries, Projects, and Guidelines. In this example, the 1TB space is exceeded by 39GB. You can see the space allocation if you roam over the tab, as illustrated below.

Storage usage over time

The graph shows the usage over time, and with the use of the filters, you can drill down the usage, helping you identify peak periods and how much storage has been used over time.

Roaming over one of the lines shows the space allocation on a specific date. It’s a helpful method to see the allocation evolution during a particular time period.

Storage usage by brand

The storage usage by brand tab allows you to better understand the storage of a single brand, particularly the space allocation between guidelines, libraries, and projects.

The tree graph is in scale, so from the dimensions of the blocks, you can have a birds-eye view of the guidelines, libraries, or project storage space. If you roam over each block, you can have further details, as shown in the above gif.

Storage usage by brand/Content type

At the bottom of the page, you can also find a tab that displays all of your platform's projects, libraries, and guidelines. You can also change the storage between types and brands to have deeper granularity on the usage of your platform. Also, you can download a regular or extended CSV file (with owner names, creation date, and storage change) and receive those reports directly in your mailbox.

Thanks for reading this help article. To explore all of the Analytics Dashboard functionalities, please take a look here.

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