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How to Delete a User
How to Delete a User

Learn how you can delete users from a project level or from the whole platform and transfer ownership rights.

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Delete Users from Guidelines, Projects, and Libraries

Just as easy as you invite someone to Frontify, you can – provided that you're an account owner or editor – delete team members from guidelines, projects, and libraries again. To do so, you can either enter the respective guidelines, projects and libraries or delete users through the User Management page. For the primary, do as follows:

  1. Enter a specific project

  2. Click the team icon in the Power Bar

  3. Click the user that you would like to delete

  4. Click the three-dot menu

  5. Click delete and confirm it

Delete Users through the User Management - Enterprise Only

On the Enterprise plan,if you’re an account owner, you can delete users through the user management page. If you do so, you will completely remove a user from the platform and pass over the ownership of the projects to another user. Locate the user you want to delete using the search under the ‘Users’ tab.

Click the bin icon and a popup will appear allowing you to select the user that will take over the ownership of all the projects that the removed user was the owner of. If you delete a user in this way, she will be removed from all the guidelines, projects, and libraries she is part of.

Note that you can also remove users from single guidelines, projects, and libraries from within the user management. When you switch to either the ‘Guidelines’, ‘Projects’, or ‘Libraries’ tab and then click on the team icon, you’ll find an overview of all the spaces available including a contributor list. Simply choose the contributor you want to remove, click the three-dots menu, and delete the user.

And that’s already it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.

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