Bulk Actions
This article explains how you can work with bulk actions and how it can help you organize your assets.
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Bulk actions have been designed to select several assets to collectively work with them, rather than several times individually, saving you time.

With the bulk actions, you have the following necessary options on the top header when selecting multiple assets:

After selecting several assets the top left-hand side will indicate how many u have selected, if you click on it again it will select all assets in that folder and the third click eliminates the whole selection.


You can include different assets in an existing collection or create a new one.


You are able to add the suggested tags or create new ones.


You have the option of modifying the standard settings, such as naming the creator, licenses, and creating a lifecycle for the assets, it is also possible to set a copyright notice for multiple assets at the same time.

Using the custom option, you’re able to target specific markets, the number of people in the picture, and mood.


Set status updates for numerous assets at once.



You can move selected assets to an existing project, or create a new project and/or a folder.


Allows you to delete all the selected assets.

Bulk Download

Selecting several items, including assets, folders, and all the contents of such can be downloaded at once.

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