Frontify offers you various ways of transforming your assets before exporting them. This, to match the different sizes and requirements for different channels. You have the possibility to either set custom download sizes or to custom crop your assets with the help of a focal point. The later is explained to you extensively in this help article.

If you want to apply customized download formats to all of your assets, this can be done by entering the backend of your Media Library. There, click on the cogwheel sign in the power bar > ‘Usage Settings’.

On the bottom part of the appearing side panel, you find a section called ‘Add Download Image Size’. There, you’re able to predefine available download sizes for your assets which will ultimately be shown in the consumer view of your asset library. Note that the width has to be documented in pixels.

Once you’ve predefined various export formats, your brand consumers can simply export assets in the right format by choosing the respective download size as shown in the GIF below.

Et voilà – you’re on-brand asset is ready to be distributed via your preferred channel.

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