Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Learn how to set up 2FA in your account to add another layer of protection.

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The Two-Factor Authentication feature is part of a specific security package available in the Enterprise Plan.

Two-Factor Authentication is a way of authenticating users by a two-factor method. 2FA adds another layer of protection to an account, meaning you need both of these pieces of information to access. This information is typically something users generate (e.g., a password), something they own (e.g., a phone), or something that’s uniquely theirs (e.g., biometric information).

It’s important to note that Two-Factor Authentication in Frontify is applied only for standard users and excludes Single-Sign-On (SSO) users, for which 2FA can be handled by an SSO identity provider.

Enabling 2FA

Click on your avatar at the bottom left side of the screen, then Edit Profile.

On the side panel, scroll down to the Security section to find Password and Two-Factor Authentication. 2FA will be shown as Enabled or Disabled, depending on whether you set it up before. When clicking Enable, it’ll be up and running.

A pop-up window will appear with the setup instructions. We recommend using Google Authenticator, but feel free to use other applications (e.g., Authy). Note that the QR code generated is different every time.

Once enabled, you’ll find a confirmation window with your recovery codes. There are 10 different ones, as you can see on the screen below. Copy and save them in a safe place. You will need them if you can't access your second authenticator factor (i.e., you changed your mobile phone).

Once successfully enabled, you’ll notice this status in the side panel.

The following screen shows how the users' login page should look with the 2FA enabled.

Turn 2FA on for everyone

If you’d like every user accessing your brand management environment to use the 2FA, follow these steps:

Click on the Account tab and toggle to activate the 2FA in the Security section.

When your users try to log in and/or while they’re actively working in Frontify, the general login view will be instantly modified to grant the double authentication.

Check users with the 2FA enabled

Users with account admin rights will find who has the 2FA enabled by heading to the Access Management section under the Users tab.

How to set up recovery codes if you already have 2FA enabled

If you already have the 2FA enabled for your account, you can easily generate your recovery codes. Click on your avatar and then on edit profile at the top-right corner window.

Scroll down to the Security section and click on the “Regenerate” button next to Recovery Codes, as shown below.

This will generate your recovery codes. Please store them in a safe place.

In case you lose your device

If you lose your device, you can use one of the recovery codes you generated with the procedures explained above. Click on the “Use one of your recovery codes” button.

Then, insert one of the recovery codes you saved in the dedicated space, as shown in the screenshot below. After using a recovery code, users cannot reuse it again. You can either remove the 2FA and reinstall it again or rely on one of the other recovery codes you saved.

If you lost your recovery codes, contact Frontify support at using the email address for the account you want to recover.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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