You can grant users and groups access to use and benefit from the Analytics Dashboard. Click on your avatar and go to the “Access Management Tab.”

  • Users

In the access management Dashboard, Admins have an overview of all permissions for their Frontify instances.

To enable a user, Admins can go to the user tab and simply click on the Analytics icon for the users they want to enable.

  • User groups

To invite groups, you follow the same procedures for users but in the groups tab, highlighted below. To create user groups, you can follow the procedure here.

The users and the groups that receive access to the analytics dashboard can see just the content with which they have permission. For example, if a user is part of 2 brands as a "viewer" and the company has 10 brands, then the user can see only those 2 brands' related insights.

In any case, the user and the storage tab won’t be available to non-Admins.

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