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This article will show you how to include a terms and conditions notice to your Frontify platform

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It’s important to include terms and conditions for your assets, as it will ensure the security of the content shared – both for external and internal stakeholders alike. When the notice is created, the users receiving the specific link can be required to agree, in order to access the information. 

The terms and conditions notice can be modified in the consumer view (frontend) of Frontify. 

When you’re on any of the pages (like the Style Guide or a library) click on the PowerBar’s share button (second option down). A new pop-up with different options to share will appear. Click on the second tab called ‘Public Link’. 

Now, you have to toggle and activate the terms and conditions notice. Best is to include the notice in the message box. That way, users will understand what they are agreeing to. 

The terms and conditions notice appearing to users can be personalized. Change the background and font color according to your brand guidelines, create a shadow, and prevent users from interacting on the page until the terms have been agreed. 

The option of disagreeing to the terms is also possible, in which case the user needs to be redirected to another site. The address needs to be included in the field Redirect Destination on Decline. It can be an internal or external link.

When entering through the link as a visitor, the notice will be shown as follows:

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